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Notice: Please see header for actual holder count (OpenSea is incorrect as Vampires are staked). [Our Site]( | [Discord]( | [Twitter]( | [IG]( | [Sneaky Bat Syndicate]( | [Honoraries]( The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate consists of 8,888 Vampires living their best life in The Lair - away from any burning sunlight or pesky Vampire Hunters. The Syndicate is known for its community, eager to adopt their Sneaky Bats (OUT NOW), use their native utility ecosystem token, play the SVS video game, enter The Lair (MetaVerse), and meet female vampires (Gen 2), All Vampire holders gain access to join their kin in the MetaVerse, while having access to their very own exclusive video game. 8,888 Vampires are now running wild, with their bat companions!

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