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Our goal is to guide our members through the sea of information that is the NFT space. We want to provide you with the tools & strategies that are necessary to make profitable decisions. Content includes: - Daily drop updates - End-of-day recaps on the NFT space - Strategy write-ups around popular & undervalued drops - In-depth articles detailing our favorite long-term NFT projects - Instant, around-the-clock access to NFT experts In addition to content, 29% of all sales (primary & secondary) are going back our community. - 20% to a community fund - 3% to weekly giveaways for the whole discord Members with 5+ keys get access to an exclusive giveaway channel funded by an additional 6% of all sales. 5+ keyholders also receive lifetime access if held through the end of 2022. These keys will give access to the Metaverse HQ Discord through the end of 2022.

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