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FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE GROTTO... J48BAFORMS (Pronounced Jabbaforms) is a multifaceted artistic experiment minting at 0.25ETH a pop. A series of 4848 Works of art are available at random. An exciting array of different rarities are present, from original hand-drawings to animated works with accompanying musical scores. J48BAFORMS started with 1000 hand drawn “LEGACYFORMS” produced by the artist, which serves as the foundation for the series. After digitizing each LEGACYFORM, the dataset was processed through our GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) over 2 weeks. In this time period, the neural network learned and interpreted the original drawings and their inherent style, producing highly interesting machine-generated variants that feel like an organic extension of the artist’s work. J48BAFORMS is a unique NFT multimedia project that elegantly displays the talents of the artist and GAN, working in symbiosis.

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